Cummins CR Bearing

Cummins CR Bearing

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We, at S.N. Thakkar, are widely known for supplying high-quality machine and engine parts. As such, we provide the clients with efficient quality Cummins CR Bearing.  These are used to make the engines and the machines run as fast as possible. Our CR Bearings make the working of machines quite smooth and jam free. As such,these Cummins CR Bearing increase the efficiency and performance of the engines.


  • Easy to mount
  • Corrosion resistant
  • Withstand high impact




Main and CR Bearing

Main and CR Bearings for Cummins

  • N-495, NT-495, NTA-495.
  • NH 220, N-743,NT-743,NTA-743
  • N-855,NT-855, NTA-855  Big Cam & Small Cam, N14 STC, N14CELECT.
  • 6BT & 4BT Models,6CT.
  • KTA19,   KTA 1150, KTA 2300, KTA3067, KTA50
  • VTA-1710, VTA-28
  • ISX / QSX 15
  • L10, M11.